As is generally the case, Hollywood dumped a deluge of major product into theaters on Christmas Day in order to take advantage of the 1.5 weeks of “weekdays that act like weekends” that round out the end of the year. We had somewhat four wide releases, Walt Disney’s Into the Woods (2,478 theaters), Angelina Jolie’s directorial effort Unbroken (3,131 theaters), Mark Wahlberg’s The Gambler (2,478 theaters), and Tim Burton’s Amy Adams/Christoph Waltz art-fraud dramedy Big Eyes (1,307 theaters). Also in semi-wide release is the expansion of Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game (747 theaters) and the 331-theater debut of The Interview, which also debuted on nationwide Video on Demand on Wednesday due to well, I think you know. Debuting in limited release was Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper in four theaters and the Martin Luther King biopic Selma in nineteen venues. May I remind you again that basically nothing opened at all in the first weekend of December? Okay, so with this much to cover, you’ll pardon me if I just concentrate on the newbies for at least today.
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